What you need to know about website development

A strong web presence is essential to the success of internet sales and marketing. Your web site should let visitors know who you are, what you do and convince them to take appropriate action. Customer acquisition on the internet absolutely depends on the prospect’s impression of your business, your brand, your ability to fill their ecommerce needs.

The vast majority of website designers lack marketing savvy and business expertise. A poorly designed website design damages your image, your credibility, and your ability to attract customers.

You need a web site professional to consult with as well as to develop and design your website. At Acuity, we have the knowledge and expertise to build an easy-to-use website with a creative edge

Acuity Client Development Process

We ask you questions about your business, and about your customers. Questions like, who is your target audience? What are your competitive advantages? What results do you expect from your website? Any other approach is like shooting a gun off in the dark!

Our client development process is a road map that leads to the ultimate destination; a successful website. There are no short cuts. Our standards are high. Our clients deserve, and get the best!

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